Communication between FREELANCE.COM and USERS may be carried out via email, telephone, post or by any other means as provided by both current and future technologies.

With regard to electronic communication, a receipt is not required unless requested.

When a receipt is required, the recipient of the message from FREELANCE.COM must ensure that the receipt is sent within 24 hours, [one] working day, from the time of receipt of the message for which it is necessary to acknowledge receipt, unless another period of time is specified in the technical appendix.

A business day means a day other than Saturday, Sunday or other official public holiday in the place in which the recipient of the message from FREELANCE.COM resides.

A FREELANCE.COM message with a request for acknowledgment of receipt cannot be acted upon by the recipient of the message until the acknowledgment is sent.

If the sender does not receive the acknowledgment within the time prescribed, they are entitled, subject to notifying the recipient, to consider the FREELANCE.COM message as null and void after the expiry time has passed, or that they may start a recovery procedure as set out in the technical appendix, to ensure actual receipt of the message.

If the recovery procedure fails within the prescribed period, the FREELANCE.COM message is definitely considered null and void after the expiry of the given time period, provided that the recipient is notified.

The writings inherent in this communication are also part of the evidence, as subject to the provisions of Articles 1315 and following of the French Civil Code.