model  (registered trademark: freelancecorp) is a service aimed at companies who wish to use the professional know-how of freelancers, yet for financial, management or reporting reasons want to group together their pool of contractors into one single supplier, whilst ensuring a high quality of service. To do this, employers use because of the quality and efficacy of its procurement service which is carried out by a network of 70 Business Managers. Between them they cover the whole range of market place skills as well as having proven project management expertise and knowledge. How does it work ?

ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER with a recurring need for freelancers?

  • You don’t have to pay any advance  fees or subscriptions..
  • The Business Manager in charge of your account publishes the job and manages the outsourcing process by short-listing for interview the most qualified and suitable professionals.
  • Once the chosen candidate has started working, the Business Manager will do a follow-up plus a debriefing at the end of the job.
  • You only pay for any services invoiced, not other expenses.

ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER who has chosen to group all the contractors under one single supplier?

  • We will take care of all the jobs and contracts currently underway, evaluating their relevance and managing the follow-up of every job until completion.
  • Through this resource management service, you don’t have any fees to pay; is remunerated on a commission basis as per the contractor’s invoice.

ARE YOU A CONTRACTOR interested in working on jobs for large accounts?

  • Apply for the jobs published by our Business Managers and negotiate your conditions with them.
  • Once you have been shortlisted and approved by, and if you are then chosen by the employer, the Business Manager will work with you for the duration of the job until it is complete.
  • invoices the employer on your behalf, sends all the financial paperwork to the employer, ensures sufficient cash, and pays you for your services (within 8 days if requested).
  • You will also benefit from’s specific services: freelancecash, etc. …
  • As each job is completed, you can raise your profile on the platform (the rating system will be available at the start of 2012) as well as receiving free services from
How much does it all cost?


You are billed at the price previously agreed without any additional fees. We are then paid a commission based on the fees of the contractor.

YOU ARE A CONTRACTOR: is compensated by adding a percentage to the cost of your fees.