FREELANCE.COM is committed to implementing and maintaining the technical environment necessary for the proper functioning of the PLATFORM.

As such, FREELANCE.COM maintains the hardware, software and services necessary to transmit, receive, translate, record and store FREELANCE.COM messages.

FREELANCE.COM guarantees to implement any means appropriate for the proper functioning of the PLATFORM as required in order to meet the objectives described below:

  • Availability of the PLATFORM for more than 98% per month.
  • Security of files by the use and implementation of safeguards
  • Optimize the ergonomics of the platform.
  • Provide an administrative Service 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

FREELANCE.COM undertakes to implement and maintain sufficient procedures and security measures in order to ensure the protection of data as submitted by CONTRACTORS or EMPLOYERS against the risks of unauthorized access, modification, destruction or loss of data.

The USER is informed that one or more cookies containing no personal information may be placed on their hard drive to ensure its identification and the history of any changes. Procedures and security measures include origin verification, integrity verification, non-repudiation of the origin of receipt and the confidentiality of data provided with regard to third parties who are not authorized to access it.

If the procedures and security measures implemented by FREELANCE.COM lead to the rejection of one or more documents or the detection of an error in these documents, FREELANCE.COM will inform the CONTRACTOR within a reasonable period of time.

The functionality of the PLATFORM and its development are defined by FREELANCE.COM

The evolution of the platform is also envisaged in terms of its technical and functional dimensions. To this end, FREELANCE.COM will, at its discretion, take any decisions on ergonomic, technical, aesthetic, functional matters etc. that it deems to be appropriate for the correct development of the PLATFORM.

The USER hereby consents, in line with these terms and conditions, to any technical, graphic or functional development which would allow the functioning of the PLATFORM to be optimized.