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Any other contractual agreement, notably in terms of the corporate model, will be subject to a written agreement as duly agreed and signed between the parties.

FREELANCE.COM will not, by any means whatsoever, be qualified to be a business intermediary, or to take part in future services undertaken between the clients.

Consequently it remains in all cases the depository or host for information.

The platform FREELANCE.COM is an information platform, informing clients of the site of the terms and conditions expressed by the contractual statutes available in the file, entitled ‘contractual’.

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Consequently, the use of the information and content available on the platform is not, under any circumstances, the responsibility of FREELANCE.COM. The USER is the only person qualified to make good use of the information provided on the Platform in a discerning, engaged manner.

Besides, the USER commits to compensate FREELANCE.COM for all adverse consequences related directly or indirectly to the use they make of the Service.

Access to certain parts of the site FREELANCE.COM requires a USERNAME and PASSWORD to be entered. The PASSWORD, chosen by the USER, is personal and confidential. The USER promises to keep secret the password and not to not divulge it in any form. Use of the USERNAME and PASSWORD over the internet is made at the User’s own risk. It is the responsibility of the USER to take any measures necessary in order to protect their data against any infringement.

FREELANCE.COM is nevertheless committed to setting up all the necessary means to guarantee the security and the confidentiality of the data transferred through the site. The USER is informed that one or more cookies, containing no personal information, will be placed on their hard disk in order to ensure their identification.

The User recognizes the limitations and appropriate constraints of the internet network and, as such, recognizes in particular that it is impossible to provide a complete guarantee of security regarding the exchange of data. FREELANCE.COM cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from the transmission of any information via the Service, including that of USERNAME andor PASSWORD.

Within the limits of the applicable law, under no circumstances, can FREELANCE.COM be held responsible for damage and/or injury, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or whatever nature it may be, resulting from the Service, or any Use of the Service. The term "Use" must be understood in its broadest sense, i.e. any use of the site whatsoever, whether legal or otherwise.

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