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Products and services is a service which brings together and unites contractors in a way requested by major accounts that use to reduce their number of subcontractors and improve the quality of service.

There are two different services:

  • For new projects,’s 70 Business Managers get involved right at the very start from the point at which the job is published. They then deal with the contractor’s applications, manage the short listing process, as well as billing, follow-up of the job, right through to the debriefing.  Learn more...
  • For contracts already under way, in order to reduce their internal costs and improve performance, employers outsource  "resource management", in other words, the management of contractors already providing services. Learn more... is a "marketplace" that puts employers and contractors in direct contact with each other so that they can freely discuss the content of a job, fees etc. … It's simple, it’s direct. Learn more...

In order to comply with French law, a freelancer must be able to provide certain documents for the employers, such as K-Bis, his national insurance declaration to URSSAF etc.

This is a legal obligation, and if it is not correctly fulfilled, it could have legal consequences both for the employers and for the freelancer. Vigielance is a service aimed at helping freelancers with this paperwork.

Basically, takes care of all the documents and produces a certificate guaranteeing that you are up-to-date with your legal obligations.

There are two advantages:

  • The certificate provides a guarantee for the employer that you are complying with the current laws
  • deals with all the documents meaning you save time

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In France, working under an ‘umbrella company’ means:

  • For the consultant: working on a freelance job or testing an entrepreneurial project while also getting the benefits of being a salary earner.
  • For the company: being able to cover jobs by using contractors that do not have a company or freelance status, by allowing them to invoice the company.

Our team is ready and available for both employers and consultants who wish to work under an umbrella company. Learn more...