The PLATFORM FREELANCE.COM is open to any company or corporation, who in the future, intends to conclude a service contract with a contractor or employer.

To this end, the PLATFORM allows CONTRACTORS in accordance with these T&Cs, to publish their CVs and any financial and commercial information relevant to their career path. The PLATFORM also allows EMPLOYERS, in accordance with these T&Cs, access to the CVs and supplementary information of some of the CONTRACTORS.

The T&Cs apply to any use of the PLATFORM

These T&Cs came into force on 15 June 2011 and this version of them cancels and replaces any previous versions or contracts.

The USER is asked to carefully read the T&Cs, which are accessible via an online link on the PLATFORM. The USER is advised to download and/or print out the T&Cs and to keep a copy for themselves. The USER is also advised to read the T&Cs each time they visit the PLATFORM as they may be modified at any time.

Any modification to the T&Cs will be notified to the USER by means of a window showing a message to this effect which will appear on the PLATFORM. Any modification of the T&Cs will be deemed to have been tacitly accepted by the USER if the latter continues to connect to the PLATFORM without expressly stating otherwise.

Any visitor is authorized to look at the details of the CONTRACTORS and jobs without nevertheless having access to the content of the OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS and the details of the CLIENTS.