Pertaining to the use of the PLATFORM

Responsibility and guarantees of FREELANCE.COM

FREELANCE.COM does not guarantee that the platform will be free of defects, errors or bugs, nor that they may be corrected, or that the platform will operate without interruption or failure, or even that it is compatible with a particular hardware or configuration other than as expressly stated by FREELANCE.COM.

FREELANCE.COM does not guarantee a time frame for the uploading of the OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS or other documents submitted by the CONTRACTOR, and cannot be held responsible for any delay in the posting of the documents submitted.

FREELANCE.COM is not responsible for any failures due to third-party software.

In no event can FREELANCE.COM be liable for any consequential damages, foreseeable or unforeseeable, tangible or intangible (including but not limited to loss of profits or opportunities) resulting from the use, or complete or partial inability to use the PLATFORM. Similarly, FREELANCE.COM cannot control all sites which might link to the PLATFORM via hypertext links, which exist only to facilitate the use of the platform by the USER; FREELANCE.COM is not responsible for their content.

FREELANCE.COM is not in any way liable for any failure or improper use of some or all of the services set out in the T&Cs, that are attributable to the USER or to an unforeseeable and insurmountable third party issue, or to a case of absolute necessity.

Responsibility and guarantees of the USER.

The USER acknowledges the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, especially in terms of its technical performance, and response times for the consultation, querying or transference of data and the risks linked to the security of any communications made.

The USER acknowledges that they have verified that the IT setup that they use does not contain any viruses and is in perfect working condition.

The USER has no right to use the PLATFORM in order to make it inaccessible, to hinder its operation, or to change or damage it in any way whatsoever.

The USER has no right to use the PLATFORM illegally, for fraudulent purposes or in connection with illegal activity, including: (i) to send, use, import or export files, illegal content or illegal, offensive, indecent, libelous, defamatory, obscene words, threatening or relating to intellectual property rights, personal rights or third party image rights, (ii) to send or use a computer virus, political opinions, advertisements, or chain letters, (iii) to carry out mass mailings of content or send unsolicited mail and, more generally, to carry out any form of spamming, (iv) to annoy or threaten other USERS of the PLATFORM, (v) to use, make available, or upload false documents.

Responsibilities and guarantees of the EMPLOYER

The EMPLOYER undertakes to refrain from interfering in the conduct and execution of a job awarded to a CONTRACTOR. The latter will in this respect have no relationship of subordination vis-à-vis the EMPLOYER. With regard to this, it should be remembered that FREELANCE.COM acts as the technical platform and plays no intermediary role between CONTRACTORS and EMPLOYERS.