Obligation for pre-release online

The USERS are solely responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS forwarded to FREELANCE.COM. They are responsible for their means of distribution and in this case, the PUBLISHER acts exclusively upon the instructions of the USER.

The USER is irrevocably obliged to act in respect of this OUTCOME, without any faculty of exemption.

The USER will guarantee that the documents are authentic and conform to the French legislation governing this matter; if any possible incompatibility should arise, the CONTRACTOR will inform FREELANCE.COM of it within 24 hours.

The USER undertakes to respect the following procedure:

  • Accept without reservation or contradiction these T&Cs and subscribe online
  • Download a mailing slip from the FREELANCE.COM website and complete it fully without leaving any blanks, or crossings out.
  • Collect the necessary documents and pieces of writing as required by the T&Cs.

The USER agrees to send new documents within 48 hours to FREELANCE.COM in the case of non-compliance.

A breach of any one of these obligations by the USER will suspend de facto the obligations of the PUBLISHER, who reserves the right to unilaterally terminate, by right, any business with the USER at fault.

All breaches of this obligation will lead to the suspension and unilateral cancellation of the commitment by right, by FREELANCE.COM.

Obligations for release online

Any USER dossier published online must adhere to the following minimum conditions:

  • The dossier must be complete: all the documents required by the PLATFORM must be present.
  • The CONTRACTOR CVs must be at least 60% complete as stated in these T&Cs.
  • The dossier must be accompanied, where necessary, by payment.

The dossier will be subject to assessment to see that it conforms to the current T&Cs and those of the PLATFORM FREELANCE.COM in terms of its and accuracy and regularization.

The PUBLISHER reserves the discretionary right to completely disregard any dossier published on-line if:

  • The dossier is incomplete
  • The dossier contains documents which do not correspond to, or only partially correspond to the qualitative and quantitative controls
  • No payment is included (where applicable).

In this instance, an email or letter will be sent to the USER in order to allow them to correct their dossier.

If the User does not reply, or if regularization is not forthcoming in the months following a request for regularization made by the PUBLISHER, and after a formal demand has been made, the dossier will be deemed to be non-conformant and invalid. Consequently, it will not be published on-line and the PUBLISHER will retain any sum potentially paid; the USER is unable to reclaim this under any circumstances.