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A valuable tool for freelancers and employers :

  • In today’s world, most companies/employers are looking for qualified freelancers and the most suitable outsourcing solutions.
  • Employers look for fast, reliable solutions when the service is delivered from a contractor abroad. Moreover, the contractor should comply with the administrative and legal requirements in the contractor’s country.
  • The best outsourcing online databases are the ones that are continually being refreshed.
  • Online outsourcing has a low environmental impact and contributes to major savings in terms of paper and polluting inks.

VIGIELANCE is a new service launched by as part of an exclusive agreement with Online as of October 2010, it offers the following services:

  • It provides the contractor with verified information on the freelancer’s experience and proficiency.
  • It makes sure that the freelancer complies with labor laws in the contractor’s country.
  • Verified, operational freelancers are indicated in our database with the label “24h-365d available talent”, plus proof of their last successfully completed services and jobs. An advantage for the candidate, is that he/she increases the chances of being shortlisted for future jobs.
  • All the information is available and gathered in one single database.

How does it work ? 

  • With Vigielance, freelancers regularly receive alerts via messages and are encouraged to update their CVs with tangible proof of their skills (diplomas, experience, references) and in particular, the latest projects they have worked on.
  • If the contractor requires it, we also provide a thorough process, which will verify information given in the freelancer’s CV.
  • Verified, reliable freelancers receive a personal electronic seal that provides proof of good practice when dealing with employers.
  • Vigielance is an added-value service both for contractors and employers, guaranteeing reliability and up-to-date information.

How much does it cost ?

  • An annual subscription to is available for a very reasonable fee.
  • Get the subscription for free each time you get a contract through freelance (for the length of the contract).