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freelance/direct: post your jobs and choose the best applicants for your business

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    Post your job offer for free.
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    Your job is approved by our moderation team.
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    Your job is published on our website and sent to a list of targeted contractors.
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    You directly collect all the applications for your job.
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    Get their contact information with a subscription or pay as you go!

Costs? 2 options :

freelance/direct SUBSCRIPTION

If you post a job frequently

  • Get unlimited access to our database of 234,536 contractors.
  • Get unlimited job posting.
  • View the full profile of your applicants and get their complete contact information.
  • If you are interested in specific profiles, send them directly your job offer.
  • Save costs: with an average cost per application of less than 2 €, you get high quality value!
234,536 contractors available
3 months 6 months 12 months 24 months
Job posting unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Visualisation of contractors’ CVs full view full view full view full view
CV download 900 2,000 5,000 12,000
Number of users 2 5 10 20
Directly provide a job to a contractor
Rate / month (exclusive of VAT) 130.00 $
annual: 1560.00 $
115.00 $
annual: 1380.00 $
100.00 $
annual: 1200.00 $
83.33 $
annual: 999.96 $

freelance/direct SUBSCRIPTION from 83.33 $/monthly


freelance /direct ONESHOT

If you post a job occasionally

  • Post your job for free, and target contractors thanks to specific keywords on your job description.
  • Manage the applications you receive.
  • Pay to get full contact information of the contractors who have applied to your job offer. 14,99 $ for an average of 60 targeted applications.
* Price will depend on the job compensation, the duration of the job and the market conditions in your geographical zone.
  direct /ONESHOT
Job posting unlimited
Visualisation of contractors’ CVs Only for those who have applied to your job
CV download Limited to the number of applicants
Number of users 1
(inclusive of VAT)
14,99 $ per job offer

freelance /direct ONESHOT (14,99 $)

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