Looking for contractors? We provide the whole process of selection,
hiring, job monitoring and legal
management for you.
Consultants on the bench ?
Find a job for your available consultants !
Looking for contractors? Post your jobs and find the best ones among a list of 300674 contractors.

How does it work

Post your job and set the goals
  • Schedule deadlines
  • Write a clear and complete brief
  • Think ahead of obstacles
Search for the appropriate candidates
  • Per type of profile and skills
  • According to their scoring
  • Contractors worldwide
Build up your team at the best market rates
  • Flexibility, competence and reliability
  • Rate your team of contractors at end of job
  • Or leave the management of your team to our Business Managers
Setup an account
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Add keywords to receive alerts for relevant jobs
  • Add title for your CV/Resume
Fill in your CV/Resume
  • Describe your qualifications
  • Describe relevant professional experience
  • Describe value you bring to the job
Apply for a job
  • Show how you make a difference
  • Create a captive client base
  • Get mails with real offers

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Our business partners
Business Manager
For me the site is a complete and indispensable tool in my day-to-day work; it allows me to pass on tenders corresponding to the needs of my clients, manage the administrative compliance of potential partners, and have access to a financial overview of the projects and commissions of the various stakeholders.
Business Manager makes a range of effective services available to its Business Managers: in terms of Back Office, by securing the contractual aspects of the client/supplier relationship, but also in terms of sourcing. In my role as a Business Manager I am free to focus on the development of my activities.
Business Manager
I was looking for autonomy and diversity but also a commercial and legal framework which would be both dynamic and secure. The welcome I received from the sales and administration team and the services it has provided for me fully lived up to these expectations. I have also benefited from individual legal and tax advice.