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Job ID: R161228002WEB
Location : Remote work
Start date : Immediately
Job duration :  14.0 Day(s)
Date posted : 28-Dec-2016
Budget range : 1000 – 3000 $/project

Required skills & tecnologies keywords :
Adult & Continuing Education


New York College (NYC) is a privately funded, for-profit educational institute of Australia, looking to offer accredited courses to both domestic and international students. It proposes to initiate a new course titled, “Bachelor of Health Management System (BHMS) and Master of Health Management Enterprise (MHME)” at its campus located at Moorooka suburb of Brisbane in Queensland.

This Bachelor of Health Management Systems and Master of Health Management Enterprise is ideal for those interested in administrative, management, planning or other business-focused careers within the healthcare industry. This program will also appeal to students looking to have an impact on long-term healthcare efficiency and quality, and those who intend to go on to research in health care. Few industries in the world are expanding as quickly as healthcare, and that growth is not expected to stop any time soon.

The report should focus on researching the market for the said course(s). Salient points which may be covered are as follows:

1. The Report should be able to define or discriminate amongst Health Care, Health Management, Health and Welfare etc. It should provide definitions and ensure the data referred to in the Report aligns with those definitions. Health covers a diverse and wide range of disciplines.

2.  Competition and Demand projection

3. Data about the international markets that NYC intends to target.

4. Employment Outcome

5. surveys/questionnaires with employers in the relevant industries to garner feedback and/or ideas?

6. Engagement in any focus groups with sample potential clients to gauge interest/needs?

7. Graduate destinations, salary and so forth?

8. Effect of Online courses being offered as serious competitors

9. Preferred Degree, Master versus Bachelor of Health Management

10. Marketing Edge for NYC over well-established institutions

11. Analysis of curriculum focus of competitors in health Management