Guarantee all your providers compliance

All companies must be sure, by French law, their suppliers are in their right place, legally speaking. To do so, they must collect and check a few documents subject to due diligence. If not, they can be sanctionned, sued and it can even lead you to further legal inspections. Thanks to Provigis Services, we take charge of collecting and checking such documents. The service can also be expended to other documents, made compulsory by your organisation’s rules and regulations.


Our online solution that gather and inspect legal documents for all your suppliers and subcontractors, to ensuredue diligence. Or core competences:

  • Invariable inspection of K-bis extract
  • Proof of authentification of Due diligence attestation (URSSAF, RSI, MSA) throught a receipt available to download
  • Nominative list of foreign works oversight by contracts or service provision – CNIL déclaration
  • Delivering Provigis certificate

Provigis Services

We gather and control additional documents defined by your company to your network of independant workers:

  • Supplier form,
  • Bank details (IBAN),
  • Fiscal certifications,
  • Insurances,
  • CNAPS certificats,
  • ICPE,
  • Transportation licenses,
  • ISO, etc.