Wage portage : bring back flexibility to your company

Wage portage allows companies to adapt easily their work force to their business needs. It is now possible to collaborate with the best experts of the market, without any additional administrative workload. We can guide you through the migration of your providers to wage portage, allowing them to benefit from the salaried status. Therefore, wage portage allows you to be protected from reclassification’s risks and unlawful loan of labour.


What are the benefits of wage portage ?

HR Department
  • Hand down declaration prior to employment, redaction of employent contracts, mandatory medical check planification, management of pay, salary statement, social expenses and other employment related liaibilities, end of contract formalities.
  • Unify billing for a more flexible and less restrictive payroll
  • No reclassification : short or long term contracts designed for wage portage with minimal risk
  • Unlawful loan of labour formally set aside by the 2nd of April 2015 ruling abour wage portage.
Purchasing Department
  • Responsiveness facing urgent matters : you can adapt your work force in a few hours
  • Flexibility: add specific skills without increasing your head count
  • Simplicity thanks to a unique service contract ruling all arranged terms and conditions. Missions will be ordered with simple purchasing order.
  • Guaranteed control over your initial budget
  • Safety : no illegal subcontracting nor loss-making sales.
Legal Department
  • By the order of 2 April 2015, wage portage is fully regulated and recognized as a new form of employment
  • The precedent order is by the decree of 31 December 2015 detailed, especially by fixing minimum financial guarantee for umbrella companies.
  • We are part of the PEPS, the Union of Umbrella Companies, which initiated the order of 2 April 2015
  • Bank security
  • Mastering reclassification matters
  • Unlawful loan of labour excluded
  • No loss-making sales (prohibited by French law)

Freelance group contains 3 umbrella companies every one of which answer to your providers specificities.

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You want to transfer your provider network toward one or several umbrella companies ? We can help you.