Global solution to manage freelancers

A one stop shop solution to identify, pilot and secure your provider’s network. Optional services that fit your company’s specificities.

Freelance Group’s best put together in one offer designed for businesses.


One single contact for briefing, candidate selection, mission follow up etc.

Legal Compliance

Collecting and checking the 3 legally mandatory certifications subject to due diligence through Provigis.

Administrative Management

We manage contracts, time sheets, bills of expenses, etc.

Resource Management 

VMS (Vendor Management System) as a SaaS, dedicated to manage all your contractors: status, warnings, etc.

Corporate Compliance

We make sure your internal process is applied: terms and conditions signing, IT policy, etc.

Umbrella company

We transform fees into salaries thanks to a umbrella contract.

Sourcing : a high-end service

All your requests are qualified by a dedicated account manager. Sourcing is our core competence ; it is what makes us different from a simple profile board. Our tools and methods allow targeted and efficient searches. We present available profiles which fit most of your needs and ensure quality follow up untill the end of the mission.

RM PRO : our Resource Management solution

Developed with the help of large entreprises’ Purchasing Directors, RM PRO is a SaaS solution to manage your contractors. Whether your suppliers are registered companies or self-employed workers, we ensure administrative management. If needed, we can also take charge of the status creation. Doing so, we secure our services from a legal and administrative point of view.

Suppliers’ compliance ensured by Provigis


We gather and inspect the 3 certifications subject to due diligence:

  • K-bis extract or equivalent (Sirène situation certificate)
  • Vigilance certification from the URSSAF or equivalent (RSI, MSA, MDA/AGESSA)
  • Nominative list of foreign workers (out of the EU) or Certification of non-use of foreign workers.

We rely on our platform Provigis, member of the FNTC (the French Union of Digital Trusted Third Paties).

Corporate compliance : we apply apply your internal policies


We can make sure your internal policies and processes are applied. Security policies, corporate terms and regulations, certifications, etc. Our teams at Provigis Services will take care of it. Since they already are responsible for collecting and checking the 3 mandatory certifications, they will easily add your specific documents to the process. Therefore your contractors have to follow the same requirements as your employees.

Administrative Management

We guarantee administrative and contractual management for your contractors. To do so, our dedicated teams follow a well-documented process to control every step.

We can also extend the service, available in our FreelanceOne offer, to all your contractors, whether they were identified by Freelance group or not. Thanks to our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offer.

Umbrella contracts for more flexibility and security


Umbrella contracts allow you to work with self-employed contractors in a legal and secure context for your company. Just focus on buying services, not the HR aspects. Umbrella contracts, short or long terms, reduce significantly reclassification’s risks. Indeed our experts will guide you and handle the administrative part of your relation with external suppliers.